Christopher Rauschenberg


I have been thrilled to have a show of my Studio Photographs at Ellio Fine Art in Houston during FotoFest. Ellio is great to work with and, since 1988 when I first reviewed there, I have happily spent fully two percent of my life reviewing at FotoFest. It's a real family gathering of our lovely global photography family.

I've added two new pages of recent images from Mexico City and Guatemala, along with an 11x17" book for each.

An exhibition of Sidewalk Stories - Japan was presented in Nine Gallery in Portland in February. Joseph Gallivan did a nice interview with me about the show for KBOO radio. i have also added two Japan books to my Books page.

I have added two pages of 18 years of my photographs taken of store windows, Window Shopping, in conjuction with publishing a two volume 11 x 17" book of that work. I also have produced a two volume book of 18 years of my photographs made in museums, but I haven't updated the Museum page of this website quite yet to include those.

I've added a page of newer Studio Photographs, taken in artists' studios from 2013 to 2021, in conjunction with publishing an 11x17" catalog of that work. While I was at it, I updated Studio Photographs 1 and Studio Photographs 2 and Marché aux Puces and Hold and Turkey and Pushtogethers and Angkor to 11x17" format.

India pushtogethers was on display at Nine Gallery in Portland in June, 2021. I did an 11x17" book of this work too.

Looking at India was on display at Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland in January, 2021. (Viewing room) (interview)

As is true of all my work, none of the things in these images have been set up by me. Everything is photographed as I find it.

My Paris Changing book is now available in paperback.

There is an interview with me about my approach to photography here.

I’ve been a full-time artist photographer since 1973 and this website will eventually cover that whole time period.  So far I’ve done the 70's and the 21st Century. I'll get the 80's and 90's up sometime.

I am proud to be represented by Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland since 1985.

3500 images by 20 photographers from my Portland Grid Project were shown in April 2007 at the Portland Art Center and those and more can be seen at

12x18” and 12x16” Archival inkjet prints of my non-panoramic images are $800, by the way, 22x33” prints are $2400 and 18x27” prints are $1600.  Panorama prices on request.  Email me if you’re interested.